Saturday, September 10, 2016

Someone in China has been stealing my artwork (along with others) and and profiting from the art I give for free. >:(


  1. Nickie, that sucks. The internet can be such a refuge for crooks and creeps - they ruin it for everybody else. Is there anything you can do about this?

  2. Yuck. Sorry.
    I would buy your artwork/prints from you if you sold it, btw. Always loved it.

  3. I in a chinese person. sorry you're have such a thing.
    you can to chick the internet this "举报",and then,tell they the seller is selling items“假冒及盗版”.
    My English is not good , hope you can understand what I said . .

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  5. I think he didn't know you, he is not aware that this is a work of art. Although he knew the work, but he does not know nickie.

  6. hi. based on the character set and the currency sign, your art is being sold on a JAPANESE website, not in china. just my $0.02.
    (your art is wonderful, by the way!!!)

    1. The currency sign ¥ is also used by the Chinese yuan (CNY).

  7. Crappy someone would do this AND profit from it; would love to see YOU do this AND make $ in the process. Big Fan ; )